About Us


We are specialized in restoring houses.

Our Mission

Consumer Protection Restoration LLC’s mission is to help homeowners with the difficult task of working with insurance companies. We are committed to properly mitigate and rebuild our customers’ homes to their satisfaction in a quick and professional manner so they can move on with their lives.


Kerline Keannot began in the auto industry as a highly successful General Manager and Financial Director at Yorktown Mitsubishi. In 2005 she left Mitsubishi for the real estate sector, building luxury homes and remodeling. The mortgage crisis of 2008 proved to be a critical turning path in her career as she moved to buying and restoring houses that needed rehabilitation. After seeing a home destroyed by frozen pipes and water damage she knew she had found her calling. Kerline Keannot saw the stresses and difficulties that people had in navigating the red tape when dealing with remediation contractors and insurance companies. She knew at once that she wanted to turn her business into one that worked tirelessly to help homeowners ensure that their houses were not just made habitable, but were in fact restored to the home they lost. In addition to running a successful business, Kerline Keannot manages to volunteer time and money to worthy charities. She has a strong belief that she must give back to the Rockland community where she lived for over 30 years, and that has given her and her family so much during this time.

Consumer Protection Restoration focuses on helping customers through every step of the loss from water, fire, and mold remediation to the reconstruction of their home. We believe our customers’ homes should be returned to their pre-loss condition or better! CPR does the work to rebuild the home and ensures that it is done efficiently and to the homeowner's satisfaction. Our company’s motto is that an insured homeowner should not have to pay out of their own pocket to rebuild their damaged home and then be forced to wait for reimbursement. That is why our company takes over the stressful and inconvenient job of dealing with insurance companies, and while getting your home back in order, we will wait to be reimbursed by the insurance company for payment.